What Is the Difference Between Roman and Roller Blinds?

What Is the difference between roman and roller blinds? Unlike curtains that can create bulk around the window, roman blinds offer a light and clean appearance. They are also lightweight, making them a great choice for smaller windows. They can also be paired with other window treatments like blackout curtains. They are available in various fabrics and colours which makes it easy for you to find the right design for your home. Whether they are lined or unlined, their level of privacy and light control depends on the fabric you choose. Sheers will let in a lot of light and provide minimum privacy while thicker materials such as silk or wool block a higher amount of light and deliver more privacy.

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One of the pros about roman shades is that they are very affordable, allowing you to cover all your windows with them. They are also easy to maintain and clean. They can be cleaned by using a low-suction vacuum cleaner or, for natural fabrics, you can use a gentle cleaning solution at home. For stains on your roman shade, first blot the liquid spill to remove as much of it as possible. If the stain is water based, then you can use an absorbent like cornstarch before spraying it with a gentle cleaning solution.

Both roman and roller blinds are effective in controlling light and privacy. It’s just a matter of choosing the right option depending on your needs and budget. Roller blinds come in a huge variety of colour, pattern and design combinations while roman blinds have slates that fold up, creating a pleated look. Both types of blinds work well for outdoor areas like a patio or gazebo where you need to control the light and temperature.