Types Of Eyewear

Eyewear is made up of various articles and accessories worn over or around the eyes, mainly for ornamentation or style, protection from the environment, and to enhance or improve visual acuity while reading or computer work. For a long time eyewear was mainly dominated by corrective glasses, due to their high cost and restrictive lifestyle. Eyewear today comes in a large variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials. In fact, eyewear today is more fashionable than ever, with new innovative designs constantly appearing on the market to cater to an ever-growing demand.

Cracking The Eyewear Code

The most popular type of eyewear today is corrective eyewear, which includes such pieces as contact lenses and glasses. Corrective eyewear is specially designed to correct vision problems and improves the quality of vision. For people with vision defects, corrective eyewear can either be full or half-eye contact lenses, bifocals (bifocal) lenses, progressive lenses, trifocals, or fixed lenses.

Full-eye contact lenses are similar to ordinary sunglasses, being available in clear lenses, semi-opaque lenses and lens-leaf glasses. Semi-opaque lenses, progressive lens and bifocals are all used for the correction of nearsightedness and farsightedness, and trifocals are used for astigmatism. Since progressive eyewear is used in conjunction with reading eyeglasses, it is very useful for people who read a lot, but cannot wear regular glasses because of their eye defects. In addition, bifocals are perfect for people whose eyes are constantly crossed, as they help to prevent eye cross-contrast. In addition, trifocals are ideal for individuals who have a habit of tilting their head sideways, which tilts their eyes backwards, significantly improving their vision.