The Importance of a Boiler Service

The annual boiler service is a vital part of keeping your heating system working properly. It includes a visual check by your gas engineer, who will then remove the boiler casing to inspect its internal parts. During this process, the engineer will clean essential components like the heat exchanger, main injector, and burner, and ensure they are working correctly. Gas boiler service leeds will also check that the flue terminals are sealed correctly.

Is boiler service free?

A boiler installation can be expensive, but it is possible to find cheaper quotes by comparing prices and considering factors such as the type of boiler you need, additional expenses, and the top boiler brands. You should also consider financing options to make the cost more manageable.

If you are a landlord, you must book a gas safety certificate every year to assure your tenants that the property has a safe and functioning heating system. You must get a Gas Safe registered engineer to perform the inspection and issue you with a document confirming that your property has been inspected and is fit for use.

You can save money on your energy bills by upgrading to a new, A-rated boiler. Older boilers typically have G-rated efficiency levels, which can be as low as 70%. A new boiler will offer higher efficiency levels and could help you save on your bills in the long run. You can get quotes from local engineers by comparing online prices. A good installer will be accredited and monitored by various trade bodies. They will also offer a buy now pay later plan and extended payment timeframes of 12 or 36 months.