The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Portable

A Carbon monoxide detector portable can help ensure your accommodations are safe and habitable when you travel. It can also be a lifesaver when you are at home and something goes wrong with your furnace or other gas-powered appliance. Recent incidents at hotels and vacation homes have resulted in carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why these small, lightweight devices are so valuable.

Which brand of carbon monoxide detector is best?

The most basic carbon monoxide detectors simply sound an alarm when unsafe levels of CO are detected, but you can find options that offer more advanced features. They can include digital displays that communicate exact levels of CO, an app that alerts you when it’s triggered, and even split-spectrum sensors that differentiate between fast-burning fires and smoky, smoldering ones.

This plug-in model from Kidde is one of the easiest to install and takes up just a single standard outlet. It features a display that shows detected CO in parts per million, and its battery backup keeps it operational during a power outage. Its display isn’t as detailed as some of the other options we’ve reviewed, and it can be less easily read from a distance, but it’s budget-friendly and includes all the basics you need for monitoring.

This hardwired device can be used with other Gentex alarms, allowing them to interconnect and warn everyone in the house of an emergency. Its display shows current and peak CO levels, and it has an 85-decibel alarm with a voice alert that names the source of the danger. Its warranty is shorter than the other models we’ve reviewed, and its side-battery compartment can be tricky to open.