The Basics of a Window Door

window door

Window Door

A window is a glazed dörrar in a wall or partition that allows light and air to enter a room or building. It can be operated to control ventilation and serve other functions such as vision, security and light reflection. A window is usually held in place by frames which may be fixed or operable and can be composed of a variety of styles, materials and glass configurations.

Casing – the trim around a window or door on either the inside or outside of the frame or jamb to provide an attractive finish. Also known as trim or molding. Jamb – the part of the frame that runs vertically up and down in a wall and is where the door or window fits into. Generally, the jamb is thicker than the rest of the wall to allow for shimming and insulation.

Insulating Glass Unit – an IGU is two or more panes of glass separated by a spacer and hermetically sealed together. IGUs are a key component of all Marvin products and can be upgraded with many energy efficient features including Low-E, VT and argon gas.

The Ultimate Guide to Window Doors: Style, Functionality, and Energy Efficiency”

Sidelight – A window installed on one or both sides of a door for a decorative or practical effect. Available in a full light, three-quarters or half light, and a variety of shapes.

Low-E – A microscopically thin coating applied to the glazing surface of a window or skylight that is transparent to visible light and shortwave infrared radiation but reflective of long-wave infrared radiation. This reduces the U-factor and improves the insulating properties of the glazing.