MUGA Pitch Contractors

MUGA pitch contractors specialise in the construction of multi-use games areas (MUGAs) which are dedicated surfaces that can support a variety of sports. These pitches are ideal for schools and leisure centres due to their flexibility and ability to provide a range of activities in one place. MUGAs can be constructed with different surface types which suit each sport, including synthetic 2G turf and polymeric surfaces which are typically more resilient to impacts and therefore less damaging to the players. Check this out:

A MUGA is an all-weather surface which means that it can be used throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. This is a major benefit over grass sports pitches which are often only suitable for use on fine days and can become muddy and damaged when it rains.

The Art of Custom MUGA Pitch Design by Experienced Contractors

The MUGA construction process begins with the excavation of the existing surface and sub base, after which a tarmacadam or resin-bound stone surface is laid. Once the surface has been installed it can then be lined with line markings which can vary depending on the type of MUGA that is required e.g. a multisport surface will include line markings for football, basketball and netball.

A well-chosen MUGA contractor can offer a comprehensive service to their clients, starting with an initial site survey. This will determine the best surfacing type for the facility, and the contractor can then advise on the best supplementary sports equipment and facilities that are required. For example, a school with a MUGA could choose to install a floodlighting system which will allow the facility to be used at any time of day.