LLQP Courses

LLQP courses are offered by education providers who have been approved to deliver the required pre-licensing training to write and pass your provincial insurance exams. LLQP courses are designed to provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to pursue a rewarding career selling life insurance. Only those who have successfully completed an LLQP course, written and passed the provincial insurance exam, and applied for their licence will be licensed to sell life and/or accident and sickness insurance products in Canada. Read more pnclearning.com/collections/llqp

Having a licence to sell life insurance means you are able to help individuals plan and protect their most important assets, including their loved ones’ financial futures. It also means you are able to marry your interest in the various life insurance products and options with the compassion needed to listen to clients, get to know them, and help them identify their underlying wishes for their futures.

LLQP Mastery: Strategies for Success in Life License Qualification Program Courses

While the harmonized LLQP exams are now open book, they still require a great deal of expertise and skill to interpret information correctly and apply it to each client’s individual situation. As a result, it’s essential to read through your study materials and practice with sample questions as much as possible.

LLQP courses include topics such as accident and sickness insurance, life insurance, segregated funds and annuities, ethical considerations, and insurance legislation. In addition, the LLQP curriculum includes a module on legal aspects of contracts and insurance which will assist you in understanding the general form and content of an insurance contract, as well as specific limitations on the capacity of certain persons to enter into valid agreements.