How to Use Pancreatic Enzymes to Absorb Vital Nutrients

pancreatic enzymes vital nutrients

Digestive pancreatic enzymes vital nutrients are proteins that help break down food to make it easier for the body to digest. They can also help relieve some bloating and stomach upsets.

A normally functioning pancreas secretes about 8 cups of digestive fluid into the duodenum daily, containing naturally occurring enzymes and bicarbonate to balance the acid in the stomach as it enters the small intestine. These enzymes, in particular lipase and amylase, are important for breaking down fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Your doctor may prescribe prescription enzymes to replace the natural enzymes that your pancreas can’t produce. These medicines include amylase, lipase and protease and can help the body absorb nutrients better.

Prescription enzymes are usually given as capsules that you take with your meals. But they are also available as granules or powder if you have trouble swallowing capsules.

Boost Your Digestion with Pancreatic Enzymes: Understanding the Key Nutrients You Need

Taking enzymes properly helps them work correctly. You should take them with every meal, snack or nutritional supplement drink you eat. This is because enzymes need to be in contact with the food for them to do their job well.

The usual dose of pancreatic enzymes is two tablets with your meal, but you will need to take more for larger meals or if the food has more fat. This is because more enzymes are needed to digest fats and the higher fat content of some foods means that they take longer to breakdown.

Keep a diary of the meals you eat and the dose of enzymes you take. This can help you work out whether or not your symptoms have improved.