How to Use a Domain Reputation Checker to Improve Your Email Deliverability


domain reputation checker is one of the most important factors influencing your email deliverability. It’s a complex and continuously evolving indicator of your ability to get your emails into the inboxes of your subscribers, and it’s based on multiple different factors. Email service providers keep the exact algorithms that determine your sender reputation private to prevent spammers and other nefarious actors from gaming the system. However, free and paid tools are available that provide you with an overview of your domain and IP reputation along with other key deliverability metrics.

Domain Reputation Lookup: Tools and Techniques

If your domain and IP are rated poorly, the chances that your emails will make it to your subscribers’ inboxes decrease dramatically. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your domain reputation, and in this article we’ll show you how you can do that with a few free online tools and services.

There are many different domain reputation checker tools out there, but we’ll focus on the four most popular ones in this article: SenderScore, Talos Intelligence (offered by Cisco), BarracudaCentral, and Google Postmaster Tools. All of them aggregate reputation scores from multiple receivers to give you an idea of your domain or IP’s overall health.

Using these tools can help you diagnose and troubleshoot deliverability issues that may be impacting your domain or IP reputation. For example, if your bounce rates are too high or you’re sending emails to invalid addresses, it will raise red flags and lower your domain and IP reputation. On the other hand, if you follow best practices like asking recipients to confirm their subscriptions with double opt-in forms and removing inactive and unengaged recipients regularly, it will improve your domain and IP reputation over time and increase your chances of getting your emails into your subscribers’ inboxes.