How to Make a Horse Lead For Dogs

Many horse owners have dogs and enjoy bringing their canine family members to the barn. This often requires training the dog to be calm around horses and for them to learn to follow their owner using a horse lead. In a recent internet video, a miniature dachshund was able to do just that! Learn more

Typically, a person leads a horse by holding one end of the lead line in their right hand and the gathered slack in the other. The handler may hold the lead in circular loops or wrap it around their hand. However, this can put the handler at risk of being dragged or injured by the animal. In addition, the excess line can get caught in equipment or become entangled in other animals and people as it moves. A safer option is to use a quick release panic snap or breakaway mechanism.

From Stable to Street: Choosing the Perfect Horse Lead for Dogs and Equine Elegance

A variety of different types of rope and materials are used to make a horse lead. For example, a rope leash made of synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene, or kernmantle is a comfortable and durable choice that is available in several colors and sizes to match the color of your horse’s halter. It can also be embroidered with your horse’s name to make it more personalized. Another option is a hemp lead, which is odour resistant, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for sensitive, allergic or irritated skin dogs.

Other types of ropes that can be used to make a horse lead include flat lead shanks and chains. The latter are more severe and can frighten or hurt the animal if the chain is pulled hard or with significant force. A chain that goes through the mouth is usually not permitted in show rings, as it can damage the animal’s gums.