How to Continue to Learn

It’s a fact that for many of us, we have either just begun to learn or haven’t even started to learn how to continue to learn. For me, I’ve always had the desire to learn new things and apply them. I’d love to say that I’m a “people person” but that probably isn’t true. I also know how difficult it can be to continue to learn as you go along.

The Continuous Loop

The “Continuing Loop” is a simple way to describe this process. A continuing loop starts with a starting point (the start of any project), progresses through an ending point (the end of any project), and then begins again. Each time you begin a project, you are in a continuing loop. Think of it as a giant spider web with each part of the web connected to the next. For example, once you looped back to your first project, then you’ll continue down your current iteration.

If you want to continue your learning, you simply add a break statement at the end of each of your current iterations. That way, you are forced to take the time to add this new information to your understanding. The benefit of using a break statement is two fold. First, you will be forced to pay attention to your understanding and this will provide the incentive to continue your learning because, if you aren’t paying attention, then you won’t be able to remember it later and you’ll be forced to start all over again.