Custom-made military Patches

custom made military patches

Whether you’re active duty custom made military patches, a member of a reserves unit, or simply a proud military family, custom-made patches are the perfect way to display your rank and accomplishments. Designed to represent different ranks, deployments, and specialized service activities, these patches are meticulously created to stand up to the test of time and harsh environments.

Embroidered patches are worn as a symbol of rank and service in the US Armed Forces, but they’re also used in other organizations, such as police and fire departments, youth groups, sports teams, and space agencies. They’re a great way to communicate information and build camaraderie among members of the organization.

Beyond Uniformity: Crafting Stories with Custom-Made Military Patches

What’s more, they can also be a great way to promote a particular cause or brand. Many charities choose to use custom patches as their promotional tool, which allows them to convey the name of the organization, its message, and other important details to their target audience.

Choosing the right material and attachment method is essential when designing custom patch designs. The material you choose will affect the durability of the patch, as well as how it’s used and worn. For example, an iron-on backing will allow you to apply the patch easily to clothing and hats, and it’ll stay securely in place during wear. You can also choose a hook-and-loop Velcro backing, which is flexible and durable. It’s ideal if you need to quickly switch between patches or if you want to attach your patch to a metal surface.