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Cigarette taxes can be quite steep. They’re often the single largest source of revenue for state governments. As a result, they’re often a subject of debate. Proponents of high taxes argue that higher prices reduce consumption and save lives while skeptics point to the negative economic impact on smokers and the potential for increased cigarette smuggling.

Generally, the cheap cigarettes near me taxes can be found in states along the northern coasts (New York and Washington, D.C. in the Mid-Atlantic, Rhode Island and Connecticut in New England, Illinois and Wisconsin in the Great Lakes region and Washington, Oregon and California on the West Coast). The lowest taxes tend to be in southern states.

Local cigarette taxes can be quite steep as well. Chicago, for example, has the highest combined state and local tax in the country with a total of $7.16 per pack consisting of a $2.98 state tax, $3.00 county tax and a $1.18 city tax. Several other cities in Alaska have steep local cigarettes taxes as well.

The Rise of Cigarettes Delivery: How to Get Your Favorite Brands Delivered

Tobacco companies have developed a number of different generic or “Cheap White” brands that are sold both legally and illegally. Cheap White brands are usually not made in the United States and are instead manufactured abroad, primarily in Europe. They may be branded with the names of the US’s most popular cigarette manufacturers, such as Marlboro or Winston, or they may be marketed under other, less-recognizable brand names. Using the TPackSS database, we’ve been able to compare average prices for both legal and illegal Cheap Whites in 14 countries. In all but one of the cases that we could test statistically, the legal Cheap Whites were cheaper than their non-Cheap White counterparts.

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