Create an Amazing Digital Photo Book

Lifebook Online is an online service that allows the user to create a digital photo book of his or her life. You can upload your digital photos or you can choose from a large collection of high-resolution photographs that you can either upload or download. You can view and print these photos using most any computer. Many people have found this as a great way to preserve and pass down memories to future generations. Although you may be enjoying your digital photos now, imagine what your child will enjoy when they get older and what they would like to see in their lifetime.

The Best Way To Lifebook Online

When you decide to download the Lifebook Online software onto your computer, you will be asked to log in with your MySpace or Facebook account. Once logged in, you can then access and search for your digital photo book and start adding and editing the various photographs. There are a variety of different features available with your Lifebook Online software that will allow you to edit your photographs. Some of the more basic features include rotating and cropping, renaming your photos, setting a color scheme, creating borders around your photo, and creating a theme. When you have an entire year worth of pictures stored on your computer, you can create a digital scrapbook and present your family history in an engaging and nostalgic way.

Since all of the work is done for you digitally, you won’t have to worry about any type of ink or paper, toner, or adhesive that might damage your digital photo album. If you lose any of your photos, you will be able to quickly find them again using your computer’s search facility. If you happen to experience any problems with the software, you can send it back for a replacement or a refund. Lifebook Online guarantees that you will not be disappointed in how easy it has been to create your own digital photo book of your life.