A Magic Mushroom Dispensary Has Opened in Winnipeg

magic mushroom dispensary

A magic mushroom dispensary has opened in a small shop in Osborne Village, adding to Winnipeg’s psychedelic culture. But the owners of FunGuyz say they’re not selling drugs – they’re a therapeutic company, using mushrooms to treat mental health issues like anxiety, depression and grief. They are also trying to push for legalization, citing research showing potential healing benefits. This link:https://magicmushroomsdispensary.ca/

It’s a bold move to open such a store in the face of federal law and regulations, which make it illegal to sell drugs without a prescription. The federal drug agency, Health Canada, warns that consuming psilocybin can cause a person to see, hear or feel things that aren’t there and can lead to anxiety, fear, muscle twitching, nausea and increased heart rate.

The Legal Landscape: Understanding Regulations for Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

But the shop’s owners, who already run a psilocybin service center in Oregon, argue they’re providing a therapeutic product to adults and are acting responsibly. They say they’re also addressing social equity concerns by offering sliding-scale prices and educating their staff on the drug’s effects.

Passers-by who stopped to chat outside the store were split on whether it’s a good idea. But Nathan Stewart, 19, said he thinks the shop will be popular with people who are curious about the drug. “I’ve definitely done a few,” he says. “They were cool and I had a great time.”