A Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Edition Is Now Available For Pre-Owned Owners

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There isn’t another car on the road today that’s as distinctive or as legendary. Those who know the Jaguar E-Type will tell you that its perfect proportions and elegant curves represent automobile design at its very best. It’s a car that will never look dated, even 60 years on.

When Jaguar unveiled the prototype Lightweight E-Type in February 1963 it vowed to build 18 cars. The new vehicles were crafted using techniques learned from the Low Drag Coupe, with an emphasis on lightweight materials. These included an aluminium engine block and a body weighing less than half that of the standard E-Type. Other key features included a stripped interior, no exterior chrome and hand-crank windows. A total of 12 cars were produced before production ceased in 1964. URL

Beyond the Factory: Crafting Signature Styles in E-Type Jaguar Builds

For those who want to enjoy the ultimate E-type experience – and take full advantage of modern technology – it’s now possible to order a new one based on the original Lightweight specifications. A team of experts from Jaguar Land Rover’s Classic division has worked tirelessly to deliver the original specification, with a few perfectly judged enhancements to increase usability and driver enjoyment.

Using Jaguar’s state-of-the-art scanning technology the entire Lightweight bodyshell has been digitally mapped to within fractions of a millimetre, ensuring that the new cars will be absolutely faithful to their 1960s heritage. Jaguar’s engineers will also use their skills to restore and repair the cars to as near to their original condition as possible.