Addiction Treatment Rehab

The decision to enter a rehab treatment program is a courageous one. Often, the person making this choice has hit rock bottom physically, emotionally, and financially; they may have strained relationships with family and friends and have lost their job or home as a result of substance abuse. They have been struggling with an addiction for a long time and have tried to quit on their own without success. In some cases, someone else has even suggested they seek help. Read more:

Once a person has been admitted to drug rehab, they will be placed in the most appropriate setting for their situation. This is based on the type of drugs they are addicted to, any medical issues they have, and their level of motivation and social support. The treatment facility’s admission counselor can determine the best place for a new patient to start.

Navigating Recovery: Options for Addiction Treatment in Newry

Some drug rehabs are residential, providing care in a live-in facility with 24-hour supervision. These programs can last from a month to a year. Other drug rehabs are outpatient, offering services that can range from detox to individual counseling with a therapist. These programs typically cost less than residential options and allow the user to return home at night.

Some drug treatment programs are structured like support groups, requiring attendance daily and encouraging members to take greater responsibility for their addictive behavior. Other treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and individual counseling, explore deeper issues that may be contributing to substance abuse, such as depression or anxiety.